Thursday, November 01, 2007


I'll walk the earth
bare minded
to see you grow
like a flower,
-like the grapes in the cluster
take your spirit from
the Sun,
strenght and sweetnes
from the soil...
I'll water your deams,
-- nurture your soul
in these -my hands,
my oaken cask
of poetry and blood.
And with my last
aerate your passion,
elate your scent,
-- free your heart....

- o -

I'll walk the earth
bare minded
- eyes wide open
to see you - caterpillar
become a butterfly.

1 comment:

Monachelli said...

Gracias, Mariposa...
Después de algunos problemas técnicos, volver y hallar tus palabras también me entusiasma, literalmente… Es sabroso este alimento, estas palabras sin rostro…