Wednesday, August 30, 2006

non compos mentis

I can´t but surrender
to the wind
and to the ocean
I can´t but remember
I´m alive.

That´s all there is:
a green heart,
in a pink bottle,
flooding in laugh.

I can´t but surrender.
Take my soul
from its drawer,
sow it in a pot
and let it grow.

That´s all I can be:
a bouquet of tullips,
greeting the sun.

Saturday, August 19, 2006



El corazòn de mi voz
pinta la tarde
en un sueño
donde el vino
y el mar son uno
-elixir de locura
y carne-
donde el horizonte
y grita el sol.


El corazòn de mi voz
ante la vastedad
de la muerte
y la ineludible
de la existencia
- placer, dolor: ser-
donde la noche
y calla el sol.


El corazòn de mi voz
vive la carne
la teje con su sueño
en la eternidad
del ser
-vida, muerte: mar-
donde la noche canta
y se funden
y sol.

Monday, August 14, 2006


sound and wind
time and dust
motion and water
love and fire
For I´m a sorceress
an alchemic goddess

for I´m a butterfly
who dreams to become a woman...

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Yo fui el mar por la mañana
abrazando amante
cordilleras, cielo y horizonte.
Yo fui el sol sofocante
y quemè las aguas
al amanecer.
Yo fui la espuma,
juguè con la arena,
besè sus piès,
saltè alegre, pasajera
vulnerable y blanca.
yo fui la arena
hùmeda y quieta ,
doliente, expectante, solitaria.
Yo fui su cuenca,
le sentì pasar por mis venas
arrastrando a cada paso
algo de aquello vivo en mi...

Yo fui la brisa
y he de volver al mar.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

every day...

Just as much as yesterday
I dream my little dream
I fly away and sing
have a tea
search my pockets
and find out
I´m as rich as everybody,
I´m as rich as no one else...

And then again
the alarm, the shower,
walk. the telephone
and high heels.
make-up, keys
cigars and money.
feed the dog,
water the plants
empty the trash.
and then again
come back.

Walk my dreams away
on evenings
sail my fantasies at night...

Dream I am a butterfly
jus as much the life before´
Dream I´m not a caterpillar
pretend once more that I can fly...

And fly.