Saturday, August 12, 2006

every day...

Just as much as yesterday
I dream my little dream
I fly away and sing
have a tea
search my pockets
and find out
I´m as rich as everybody,
I´m as rich as no one else...

And then again
the alarm, the shower,
walk. the telephone
and high heels.
make-up, keys
cigars and money.
feed the dog,
water the plants
empty the trash.
and then again
come back.

Walk my dreams away
on evenings
sail my fantasies at night...

Dream I am a butterfly
jus as much the life before´
Dream I´m not a caterpillar
pretend once more that I can fly...

And fly.


sdante said...

me encantó, mariposa hermosa . . . more than your spanish ones . . . me llevo a sentirte cerca, muy cerca - me inspiras . . . wish I could see you sooner, rather than later . . . love ya !

sdante said...
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